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A coupon code (or discount code, voucher code, promo code) is a way in which stores will offer discounts on specific products or specific time periods.
Once you have copied a coupon code from our website, simply enter it at the checkout of whatever store you are shopping with and the discount should be automatically applied.
There are a few things to check for when a coupon code gets rejected at a store. First you want to make sure that the coupon hasn't expired. Coupons often run for a specific promotional period and once the promotion has ended, the coupon code will be rejected at the checkout. Another cause for a rejected coupon code could be that you're not meeting their terms and conditions. Sometimes there might be a minimum spend required to use a coupon code, so check to see if this is not the case. If any of our coupon codes are being rejected by the store while being listed as “active” on our website, please get in touch with us directly and we'll assist you.
Yes. All registered users can submit a coupon codes through their account dashboard. We can't guarantee that all coupons will be listed, as they require approval first, but any coupon codes that do go live will earn the submittor 250 Canna Coins.
Canna Coins are the native reward tokens of
It's easy! Register an account and you will start earning Canna Coins simply by browsing our website and completing tasks like commenting, sharing and referring friends. Check out the Canna Coins page to see exactly how much Coins you can earn for completing specific tasks!
You can find our full list of redeemable Gift Vouchers at the Spend My Coins section in your account dashboard. Once you have earned enough Canna Coins to qualify for a Gift Voucher, simply choose one from the list and you should receive it within 24 hours!
That depends on where you live! It is always your responsibility to ensure that you are acting within the laws of your jurisdiction. The content provided on our website is intended for use in countries or regions that permit the usage of cannabis and related products.
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